"Sharon has steadily grown more involved in Chi-Reflexology over the years to the point that she is now instrumental to Chi-Reflexology and myself, both personally and professionally. She is a pioneer and driving force for the expansion of Chi-Reflexology. Her talents shine through."          Moss Arnold

Sharon Windle -Assistant Principal for The Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, Manager WA Branch of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology,Diploma of  Chi-Reflexology, Diploma of Clinical Reflexology, Cert IV TAE, Accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). MAR UK

 She is now based in the UK. She has been involved in educating for thirty years and a therapist for 10. 


Sharon has educated and trained in different capacities over the years. In the UK, from the age of 18 she was training in the practical aspects of Agriculture for the ATB. A move to London led her to being a specialist trainer within the MOD. She has always had an interest in self help and holistic approaches in all aspects of life and draws upon her life skills and experience to enhance her connection with people and their development.   


Sharon studied with the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology in NSW from 2005. After qualifying she moved to Perth, Western Australia where she was provided with an opportunity to establish a branch of the College; where she was the main trainer & the Manager of the WA Branch of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology. She presented for the RAoA, provided quality training to the community and as a therapist she opened her own professional Clinical Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology Clinic in Perth. During this time, she assisted Moss Arnold with editing and wrote the introduction piece for the Basics of the Middle Way DVD

From 2011 she was based in the Blue Mountains NSW, where she worked closely with Moss Arnold in their Chi Clinic and training for the College. Her involvement increased to the point that she became the Assistant Principal of the College. 

To support the local community, Sharon presented at a variety of local Blue Mountains Festival events and also organised and help to run the College's stand at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in Sydney NSW in 2010 and 2012.


Sharon also combined her Chi-Reflexology knowledge and experience with western medicine through her involvement organising student clinics at a variety of Western Australian hospitals, this encompassed a case study presentation to Doctors and time for them to experience the therapy for themselves; hospices and aged care facilities and while working as a Patient Transport Officer for NSW Health. 

Her natural attributes of patience, understanding and quiet confidence merge well with Moss' approach. They are an ideal team when teaching as they are very knowledgeable, aware and intuitive; this brings an interesting 

flavour and personal touch to the student in the learning environment. They have presented together with great success in Australia, the USA, Tasmania, UK, Ireland and Scotland. 

Sharon has been instrumental in encouraging Moss to continue with the research, writing and producing to ensure that the information is preserved in its original form. Her ideas for the Clinical Foot Chart and artist impression for the spine have been used in the process. Although she is still heavily involved in using Chi in its original form, eventual expansion is inevitable as along with qualifications, she has a natural interest in and affinity with animals and has applied her skills to successfully assist with their ailments. A personal interest will be to expand into this field in the future.


Her growth of knowledge, understanding and experience of Chi-Reflexology is ongoing, as is her enthusiasm with the Chi-Training. She has a natural gift to bring out the best in people, gently assisting clients and students to expand on all levels. It is of utmost importance to her that the Chi-Training grows and evolves for future generations with truth, knowledge and understanding. Her vision is expressed as:


"It is Not Only What you Gather, but What You Scatter,
That Tells What Kind of Life You Have Lived."

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