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"I have known Moss for several years... to now, when (as a man with great knowledge, wisdom, understanding and still-insatiable curiosity) he is thrilled to share his insights with all....." ".....Moss brings a great vitality and passion to his work, which is contagious"

Suzanne Enzer,Principal, Soul to Sole Reflexology

Moss Arnold BA Dip. Ed., Dip. FR, Dip. OM, Dip. TCM, Acupressure and Reflexology Therapist MAR, is the founder and Principal of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology. He is now based in the UK.

He has been an educator for almost forty years and a therapist for thirty. 

He is the originator of the unique approach "Chi-Reflexology", as well as author and international presenter.

He has presented various Chi-Reflexology Conference presentations and seminars around Australia and around the world. He annually presents seminars overseas, including a lecture tour of Europe, USA and Canada and the highlight so far has been that Moss is the only Reflexologist invited to present at the Holistic Health Summit in Bangalore India in January 2003, with such notables as Deepak Chopra.

Moss brings a vast array of talents and insights, including his knowledge of the Chinese Philosophy, and his wholistic and spiritual perspectives, which, combined with his educational background, allows him to share his approach in a uniquely entertaining, casual, yet professional manner. His thirst for knowledge and his enthusiasm for Clinical Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology, and for the sharing of it with others, is infectious.

His primary focus is a strong desire to help others, through his natural therapies practice and his teaching; in fact, in all that he does! "Life is about giving, helping and sharing. For in this process there is growth, expansion and enlightenment!"

He is in fact a prolific writer on Clinical Reflexology, Chi-Reflexology the Natural Therapies and allied topics, producing new material published in various magazines around the world including:

• “Reflexology World” magazine articles, 1998, 1999, 2000,
   2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008.
• Foot Notes, Scottish Institute of Reflexology, 1999
• Footprints, The British Reflexology Association, 1999
• Australian Massage magazine, 1999
• Finnish Health magazine, 1999
• “Pain & Pressure" article in Footprints, RAA Australian

   magazine in 2002
• “The Four Poison Points” article in SARS’s magazine 2003
• “The Balance Organ” article in Footprints RAA magazine
• “Intention” article in ICR Newsletter March & Sept 2003
• ”Intuition Vs. Knowledge” article in Enlightenment by Design
   magazine Sept 2003
• “Sedation” article Reflexology World magazine June 2004
• “The Poison Points Research” & “Why the Feet?” articles
   Reflexology World magazine Sept 2004
• Sedation article in New Zealand Newsletter, Nov 2004
• “Profession of Reflexology” article Reflexology World
   magazine March 2006
• “Reflexology and Massage” & “Toe Balance” articles
   Reflexology World magazine June 2008
• “Anatomical Reflection Theory” article in SARS magazine
    Sept 2010
• “Solar Plexus Explained” article in ICR Newsletter Dec 2010
• Interviewed for a Reflexology article in Cosmopolitan
   Magazine 2010

Further snippets and information- by Sharon Windle

I have known this highly complex,intelligent and genuine soul for a great length of time. This man is so humble that many of his achievements are not known. I felt compelled to shout his corner here, ( he will not be happy with me but...) he deserves to be acknowledged for his immense, original works across the world in Natural Therapy industry. He  has also contributed on a voluntary basis towards many associations and given himself freely to anyone who needed assistance or advice. There is no ego here, he is unique,passionate, focused and free thinking - enjoy his work, learn and be discerning, enjoy your journey and I do hope that your path will cross his one day. Here are a few of his 'notables'

Moss has brought new words & phrases to his work over the years which reflect his understanding, knowledge and learning:


The Four Levels of Existence -Physical,Emotional,Mental and Spiritual


Anatomical Reflection Theory

Reflexions ( Energy reflections in the body)

'wholistic' ( as in a whole being)

Moss has expanded the usual teaching in the 'old science' of Numerology by incorporating the Spiritual numbers which give a full picture of the person's chart. He uses twelve numbers reflecting the four levels of existence, therefore it is 'wholistic'.

He has also worked out a few world firsts:

He has worked out where the Organ Chi points & other useful acu-points are reflected accurately on the feet and hands.

He developed a Chi-Reflexology Foot Chart to show these points

this led to his realisation of how accurately the human being is reflected and he developed-

The Clinical Foot Chart, which is consistent with a logical perspective- The Anatomical Reflection Theory, this chart is not copied from other works, it is entirely derived from his initial work on the Systems of the body booklet.

Moss also has a clear understanding of his first learnings in Chakras, he has developed the first Accurate Chakra Chart with correlations to the Energy points and glands

His interest in Bush Flower Essences led him to correlate them with Chi Energy 

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